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The Late Night Emergency Room Run

Bunny Stasis! What’s that all about? I’ll give you an idea of what the game is about and how it came to be.

The Beginning...

Hi, Irving here, I'm the creator of Bunny Stasis. Let me tell you a story about how the game came to be. The picture is of my wife and her bunny. Yes, both exist in real life. While we were dating she would express to me the things that stressed her out. I would listen all the time but my wife’s stressors were, well how you would say, not like anyone else’s. Sometimes the simplest things would stress her out and then we would be in full panic mode. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Her stress came in stages, from normal, then irritated, to agitated, then to pure panic. This brought me to the idea of how we all stress in life, how we go from highs to lows at different times. I thought about how we as people really live stressful lives. But how we each handle it is more interesting. Then there are bunnies.

I truly thought that people really had it bad with all the things we stress about. Well, meet Princess, the bunny with a million stresses. She would stress for the strangest things at times from an unwanted guest appearing, to not having enough hay, to not having enough people paying attention to her. She truly was becoming a royal pain, until finally my wife told me about this crazy defense mechanism that bunnies have called G.I Stasis. Whenever Princess got stressed out she would go from irritated, agitated, and then to stasis. Seriously? The stresses of this bunny’s life caused her to go into stasis and in order to take her stress down a notch we would have to hand feed her over and over again to correct it. The first time we were able to hand feed her enough to fix it, but the second time was a disaster. This time we had to make a midnight emergency room run to save her. The trip was weird as I was watching Princess and my wife mimicking each other. I was worried half the time that Princess would go further into stasis and that my wife would then follow suit. After multiple trips to the ER, an idea for a game popped into my head based on all the humorous Princess incidents.

The Game...
It all started with the idea for a game all about stress! All of us can relate... It was a simple idea that all of sudden grew and was sitting in front of me in a stack of cards made out of paper that needed to be tested. I remember thinking to myself, “Is this how games get started”? I have always loved games and have played many with friends and family, but this was something new for me. First testing began with my family. Who else better to test with? It was enjoyable and we played it over and over. This was easy to do, but then the real issue; how will others feel playing it? I remember showing up at a local game shop one night and just asking friends if they would test this game I had just made. I pulled out the deck of cards with only words and began showing them. They had more fun than I could have anticipated. It was on that day that one of them said something that finally struck a chord with me, “This seriously needs to be a real thing”. Simple words that would make me want to see more people laugh and yell, but ultimately enjoy my game.

I now needed art for the cards but I am no artist. I think stick figures were as close as I could come. At first, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find the perfect artist, but along the way I found Stephanie Bral. Her talented work helped me bring my ideas to life. I was truly blessed with her amazing work and I really could not have found a better artist.
With the art complete and decks in hand. I introduce to you Bunny Stasis!


Bunny Stasis Objective

The objective of the game...

A fun filled game where 2-6 people try to be the last bunny standing! Surviving the stresses and planning is part of the strategy but being the last bunny standing is the goal of the game. Each turn players draw cards and discard cards in order to increase their chances of not going into stasis. Be careful though, because if you make one of the other bunnies upset then there could be a bunny stampede!


I only have one thing left and this is where you all come in. The dream is to make this game come more alive than it is and I would love to see my vision go out into the world! Watching other people laugh and enjoy the game is what it's all about! I need everyone’s help to share the game so more people know about it. I truly appreciate every one of you and thank you for keeping Princess out of stress!